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Cable to Domino

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Synopsis for "Venting"

After putting Cable's son Tyler to rest, Domino is curious as to why Cable has brought her on this mission so soon after the funeral. They have come to Camp Hayden to look for Onslaught or any information on him that they can find. Domino feels that Cable has not mourned his son's passing and is getting frustrated that his feelings are being repressed. They battle robots that have been created for the security of the base, which otherwise appears to be lifeless.

Cable also discusses the fact that Tyler made Grizzly go mad which forced Domino to kill him and she is feeling guilty. Cable avoids most of Domino's questions and he says that his main concern is Onslaught. Cable also shows her that his powers are getting out of control since his meeting with Nate Grey recently and he is having to contain his T-O Virus with his powers instead of being able to use them. Domino wonders what all has happened since she last saw Cable.

Elsewhere in the complex, Post watches Cable battle his way inside. He is claiming to be Onslaught's herald and he thinks to himself how he doesn't even wish that it came to this since he respects Cable. He also knows that Cable will fight him to the end. Cable and Domino still discuss Tyler and she asks him about what he'll do to Wolverine, who was apparently the one that killed Tyler and seems to have had no choice. He says "nothing" and that Cannonball vouched for Wolverine's actions and that was enough for him. He is grabbed by a robot and he detonates a grenade. Domino gets angry that he puts her life in danger without even warning her.

Cable begins to lose control over his hold on the T-O virus and it begins to take over his arm. Post watches on in curiosity. He thinks to himself that Cable had compromised his own well-being in order to save Nate's life. He picks up one of the robots that Cable has destroyed and he wonders how the humans believe that they can protect themselves with all this technology and believe that they can contain or destroy the mutant population from their "inevitable" loss. He also recognizes Onslaught's concern with Cable since he has become unpredictable and his powers grow stronger.

Cable and Domino enter the larger part of the complex, and are attacked by a number of robots all at once. They work together to defeat the robots and destroy them. After this, she wonders one more time how Cable promised his wife to protect Tyler and then he allows him to be killed. She then relates his situation to her own and the fact that she feels that Grizzly was taken in much the same manner. Cable says that Domino did the best she could for Grizzly and that she should not feel guilty. She thanks him. They find the memory chip and Cable learns that it has been destroyed already and he crushes it. He lashes out and says that nothing will stop him from destroying Onslaught and he destroys all the robots in the room.

The smoke clears and Post walks up and sees that Cable and Domino are gone. He says he expected nothing less than Cable be able to escape unharmed. Outside the complex, in a sewage dump, Cable and Domino walk away from the building. Cable says that they were watched the entire time and he feels uncomfortable about that.

In Maryland, Blaquesmith watches a screen showing the breakdown of Cable's body due to the T-O virus taking over. He sees that it will eventually take over Cable's entire being and this scares Blaquesmith since he is not sure what effect this will have on Cable and if it will affect his duty to destroy Apocalypse. Suddenly, there is a telepathic voice in Blaquesmith's head and it greets Blaquesmith again. It tells him that it knows all to well about Cable and that he cannot survive without Blaquesmith. He then says goodbye to Blaquesmith and then Blaquesmith's ship explodes.

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