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Appearing in "Never is a Short Time"

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Other Characters:

  • Tim - Baltimore policeman
  • Frank




Synopsis for "Never is a Short Time"

Cable meets with who he thinks is the Beast. This intruder is really the Dark Beast and he has recently switched places with the Beast in order to gain access to all his information. Cable tells him that he has been having trouble containing his T-O virus since fighting Nate Grey. The Dark Beast recognizes Nate Grey's name and is curious. He unknowingly gets DNA from Cable and some T-O virus sample. Storm walks in and she says she has to talk to Cable in private. They talk about the oncoming Onslaught and they both fear of what is to come and Cable cannot sense the memory of Storm's fight with Post recently even though she opens her mind to his probe. Domino walks in and announces that there has been an explosion on Blaquesmith's ship in Baltimore.

Cable examines the ship in Baltimore. He is met by two policemen who try to ask him who he is and why he is there. Cable controls their minds and they are made to go get some coffee and leave him alone. He walks on the ship and wonders what has happened to Blaquesmith. He is worried that the person that did this may have killed Blaquesmith and he does not sense his mind through their psi-link. He then is hit by the same feeling that had when he tried to read Storm's memories and he is taken back.

His mind is flooded with memories of his past. He recalls the Mandarin holding a being, Tremain, who will become the present Post. The Mandarin proposes to extract Post's "X-Gene" and use it to build an army to help him defeat the "West". Cable and Bridge suddenly attack and catch the Mandarin off-guard. He sets a self-destruct sequence and Bridge grabs for him but finds only a hologram. Cable tells Tremain that he will need to allow Cable to go into his mind so he can save him from the blast.

Cable comes back from the flashback and is suddenly pulled underwater by a hand that grabs him through the deck. He recognizes the being Tremain, who announces himself as Post and that he is the herald of the oncoming Onslaught. Cable realizes that this is the person who has recently been following him that he has been sensing. Post tells him that he did not die as was thought and that he has taken up a new dream with Onslaught.

Cable has a flashback to saving Tremain from the Mandarin. He recalls pulling him from the bubble he was encased in and Cable had to use his powers to keep Tremain's lungs and heart functioning. Cable and Bridge help evacuate Tremain from the building as it explodes. They reach their ship and Cable begins a transfusion for Tremain. Tremain says that he will never forget what Cable has done for him.

In the present, Cable is thrown out of the water and onto the dock. He begins to realize what is happening. He sees that Onslaught is behind all that has recently happened and that Nate Grey must help him and he is not at his full functioning due to their recent fight. He also senses that he must get the help of the X-Men. Post reappears and grabs Cable by the throat. He says that the Onslaught is coming and Cable will not be able to stop it or warn the X-Men. Cable begins to pass out and Onslaught's psychic image appears next to Post. He says that Cable is now out of the scene. Cable uses his last breaths to say that he is should not be counted "out" and that he has learned too much. Onslaught says he has learned "nothing" and Cable is left to die on the dock.


  • Bonus 1-page pin-up showing Cable and Domino.
  • The Baltimore detectives Tim and Frank who appear in this issue are based on the characters Frank Pembleton and Tim Bayliss from television's Homicide: Life on the Street.

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