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In Morocco, Ozymandias sits in a chamber and strikes a nail into the stone on the wall. He has done this for a couple millenniums while imprisoned by Apocalypse and made to record history. He hits the nail and draws out a picture of Professor X and others of Cyclops handing over Nathan to the Askani and Archangel taking to the air. He then hits the wall and as he does Cable wakes up from his recent beating by Post. He grabs a makeshift "shield" from the motorcycle nearby and runs to the end of the dock. He is stopped by the Hulk. The Hulk tells Cable that he is puny and that Hulk is the strongest one. Cable fears that Bishop may be correct in the "traitor from within the X-Men" theory. Cable also begins to think of who that may be. Hulk says, "Hulk smash" and then begins to speak properly and says that he was only kidding. He tells Cable to put down the gun and Cable tries to scan his brain, but cannot. Cable says that that is not good and Hulk says that Onslaught sends his regards and then punts Cable far away from the docks.

Cable regains consciousness, and the Hulk catches up to him. Cable lashes out with his telekinesis, which sends Hulk crashing into the groundm and Cable's T-O virus begins to show that it is taking over as his arm begins to look like a claw. Cable then tries to calm Hulk down, tries to psi-link with him. Hulk then tells him that he is being used by Onslaught. He also tells him that he doesn't need to be his victim. The Hulk steps out of the hole and shows that he has tapped into his Gray Hulk side of his personality. Hulk tells Cable that he was sent by Onslaught to get Cable out of the picture. On the SHIELD helicarrier, G.W. Bridge watches a screen showing Hulk. He decides that as acting mutant liaison that the situation in Baltimore is needing immediate attention and that the president has ordered a martial law order for the citizens of Baltimore due to damage being done by Hulk and Cable. Contessa Valentina de la Fontaine announces that she wants them to get to Baltimore immediately and they must go.

Meanwhile, the Hulk continues to battle Cable and tells him to get out of the Hulk's head. He then smashes Cable with an entire diner building. The Hulk suddenly begins to freeze and Storm appears from the clouds and uses a hurricane force to blow the Hulk around. She lifts the diner off of Cable and then sees that he is not breathing and his heart has stopped. She uses her electricity to charge Cable and jolt his heart to beating. She also gives him CPR. Cable then breathes and says, "Aliya?". Storm slowly helps up Cable and tells him that Onslaught is really Professor X. Cable says that he suspected this and that they must fight against him whose dream they have all followed. The Hulk suddenly jumps at them and says they will never beat Onslaught. Cable and Storm join hands and then Storm hits Hulk with a lightning bolt to the head and Cable then hits him with a telepathic bullet. They watch as Hulk's color changes from the gray color it was and Cable says that Banner had not come to the surface. The Hulk then turns and shows that he is not Banner and that now he is the Savage Hulk. He smashes at both Storm and Cable.

Ozymandias finishes his drawing and wonders if the "dream" is being extinguished. Apocalypse steps up behind him and says, "It is done." Apocalypse says that humanity has reached its darkest hour and that his greatest enemy is nearing death. Apocalypse says that this is the best time to prepare for the dawn of his empire.

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Onslaught X-Men #1 Uncanny X-Men #335 X-Man #18 Cable #34 Avengers #401 Fantastic Four #415 X-Men Vol 2 #55
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