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In New York City, the Watcher stands above the city and is witnessing the passing of the dream of Charles Xavier and the heralding of Onslaught. On the streets of New York, Cable and Invisible Woman stand near the Sentinel head that lays at their feet. Cable's T-O virus is overwhelming his body. Susan tells him that she must go to find her son Franklin who was taken by Onslaught. Cable tells her that he understands the loss of family. Susan says that they must stop Onslaught because other generations depend on their survival. She also says Onslaught is growing stronger by the minute. Apocalypse reveals himself behind her and says that she is correct.

Cable yells at him and starts to strike. Apocalypse says that Cable is his "once and future foe". They begin to fight and neither one appears to be winning. Cable's T-O virus goes out of control and worsens. Apocalypse says to Cable that he knows of a way to separate Franklin from Onslaught. Cable does not believe him and is about to hit him when Susan puts up a shield and says that she must allow Apocalypse to try to save her son no matter that she does not trust him either. Apocalypse tells Cable that Onslaught is made of pure psionic energy and that the only place to fight him is the astral plane. Cable agrees.

Cable tells Apocalypse the minute they are done then Apocalypse is finished. They show up on the astral plane and Apocalypse is amazed at what Onslaught is capable of and Cable says only a madman could be amazed by someone who only cares for destruction. Apocalypse tells Cable that he is surprised that he is so naive. Cable pulls himself back to containing the T-O virus and Apocalypse is stunned that he has gained control of the virus that Apocalypse infected him with as a child. Apocalypse then says that they have reached their destination, Onslaught's citadel.

In the real world, Onslaught surveys all that he has done. He stands in his tower with Franklin Richards secured in his armored suit. He tells Franklin that he is home. Then he is aware of Cable and Apocalypse's plan of attack and he creates psionic projections of Post, Magneto, and Hulk. Cable fights the enemies as Apocalypse goes to try to reach Franklin to kill him. Cable shouts out for Richards to make a move. Invisible Woman suddenly appears. She was being hidden from Apocalypse the entire time on the astral plane. Onslaught asks Franklin why humans betray each other so often. Franklin tells him that not all are like that and then Susan reaches out for Franklin and the group disappears off the astral plane.

Apocalypse yells at them both and says that they do not realize what they have done today. Susan says that they must find another way to get Franklin back. Cable promises her that they will save Franklin and they will stop Onslaught as well. Meanwhile, Onslaught watches and dwells on that which has happened today. Inside his armor, Franklin decides that his mother's near sacrifice to try to save him has given him the hope he needs to do what he must to help stop Onslaught.

Onslaught Phase Two
Uncanny X-Men #336 Cable #35 X-Man #19 Fantastic Four #416 X-Men (Vol. 2) #56 Onslaught Marvel Universe #1
Onslaught Event
Phase 1 Phase 2 Impact 1 Impact 2


  • Part of the Onslaught crossover.

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  • Cable #31 - Cable loses control over his T-O virus after fighting Nate Grey.
  • Uncanny X-Men #336 - Professor X is freed from Onslaught by Thor.
  • Cable #33 & #34 - Cable is attacked by Post and Hulk.

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