Quote1 They despise us, Cable. They're afraid 'cause we have something they don't. But I'm tired of being an outcast. Quote2
-- Weapon X

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Synopsis for "True Lies"

Cable and Domino are summoned to a condemned movie theater by Garrison Kane and Copycat who are frustrated by all the anti-mutant rhetoric in the world. Cable also has sensed an apparent unnatural growing aggressivness in the populace. His worries are well founded as the villain, Psycho-Man reveals himself and abducts Kane, shrinking away before Cable can react. As Cable and Domino leave the theater a giant alien craft appears and invites the two to get aboard in order to rescue Kane. As they are contemplating their next move, Kane exits from the theater explaining that Copycat had taken his form and was the one actually abducted by Pyscho-Man. All three agree to enter the strange craft hoping it will lead them to Pyscho-Man and Copycat.

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