Quote1 Once, you could have just as easily killed me with the pull of a trigger as well. And you chose not to. And for that mistak, Dayspring -- for having turned my life into the tragic atrocity it has become... I am going to make certain you die, just as I have -- one minute at a time -- ravaged, inside and out, by machines and the tortured loss of your own fragile humanity! Quote2
-- Sinsear

Appearing in "Sinsearly Yours, Sincerely Mine..."

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Tolliver (Appears on a computer screen, TV, or hologram only)




Synopsis for "Sinsearly Yours, Sincerely Mine..."

Sinsear sits inside his base in the middle of the Pacific. He contemplates his objectives in this timeframe and says that his primary objective is to take out Tolliver but that his secondary protocol is to destroy others who would get in the way. Sinsear believes that Cable is one of the roadblocks. Sinsear then thinks back to his past when he was a soldier in the Canaanite army and he was wounded and Cable came across his body. Cable decided to contact the Evac team with the Canaanite's so that he was not left for dead and then Cable takes off. Sinsear hates Cable for this since the Canaanite's turned him into the bionic robot that he is today.

In Camp Verde, Cable, Siryn and Cannonball try to gather the pieces together in one of the bunkers. They discuss X-Force's run-ins with SHIELD and Cable tries to get the Professor online here. Cannonball shows that he is upset that Cable took off without saying anything and suddenly, a hologram of Sinsear appears and teleports Cable off without any weapons or protection.

Cable beams into Sinsear's base and Sinsear reveals that he was the last one to use the Tinex machine to come to this timeline. He says that he was sent here to kill Tolliver and that Cable was an added bonus. They begin to fight and Sinsear argues that Cable "made him" and that he holds a grudge for that. Cable gets beat up but then retaliates by using Sinsear's own weapons against him and electrocuting him. Sinsear teleports away but gives Cable an information disc before he leaves. Cable accesses the info on the disc and finds that Tolliver also was a time-traveler. Cable is surprised at this info and wants to know who Tolliver was before he came to this time and was considered a small "arms dealer".


  • Sinsear reveals his origin as a Canaanite soldier and he was almost killed and Cable let him live only to be turned into a walking bionic soldier for the Canaanites.
  • This issue is reprinted in Cable Classic Vol. 2.


  • On cover the date is listed as November, 1993. The indicia shows it as October, 1993.

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