Quote1.png The baby wouldn't have grown up that way...he didn't! The real child of Summers and Madelyne Pryor, the real Nathan Christopher grew up to become the man you know as...Cable! Quote2.png
-- Domino

Appearing in "Act Two - Illuminated Knights"

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Synopsis for "Act Two - Illuminated Knights"

Tyler brags about his plans that are coming to fruition. He has the Askani prisoner and has used Mr. Sinister to allow Cable to be possessed by Stryfe. He says that now he can kill Cable and Stryfe in one fell swoop. The Askani is surprised that Zero has been used by Tyler. Tyler explains that Zero is a pawn as well. Tyler begins to hurt the Askani and Zero tells him he is causing her undue pain. Tyler tells him she was brought to this time and has therefore lost her "life" in doing this. The Askani gives in to his demands and allows Tyler to "show" her recollection of what happened to Nathan Summers when he was taken from his father.

Stryfe, meanwhile, has possessed Cable's body and returned to Camp Verde and X-Force's base. He is shaving his goatee and Siryn walks in and says he is acting weird and talking to himself. He forgets her name and she says he is acting different. He says he is different and kisses her. Then he knocks her unconscious. Rictor comes in and Stryfe blasts him. Stryfe finds it ironic that he killed Rictor's father and Rictor blamed Cable and after Cable finally got his trust, Stryfe has gone and ruined that and Rictor is going to blame Cable once more since he does not know that it is Stryfe that possesses Cable's body right now. Stryfe then leaves the base in one of their ships.

Jean Grey-Summers watches home videos of Nathan, Madelyne and Scott Summers from long ago. She was not there but feels the same emotions that Madelyne felt towards Cyclops and Nathan. Cyclops walks in and wonders out loud why X-Men cannot have families. Professor X agrees that they should be able to have families since firemen and policemen are able to. They discuss the belief that Stryfe is Nathan Summers and Domino walks in and tells them that Nathan is actually Cable and not Stryfe.

Meanwhile, Tyler "watches" the memories of the Askani. He sees the baby, Nathan Summers, arrive in the future and is cocooned inside an electromagnetic shield. The others in the Askani clan watch as the Mother Askani, Rachel Summers, tries to take Nathan out of the cocoon. They are unable to do so since the shield is the only thing keeping him alive. Mother Askani tells them that they have reached Nathan too late and the infection has spread too rapidly. She tells them that he must be cloned and the clan argues the ethical nature of cloning since it borders on eugenics. Mother Askani orders them to do this since they have little time. Tyler then slashes at the memories and realizes that his true father is Cable and not Stryfe.

The X-Men and Domino race towards Camp Verde in their X-Jet. Domino is attended to by Jean Grey and Professor X tries to determine what Stryfe is going to be doing while in Cable's body. Domino says that he will go to get weapons that would be at Cable's disposal. They all agree that they will do whatever they need to do to Cable to defeat Stryfe. They arrive at the base and find X-Force beaten up. They heal Siryn and tell her that Stryfe has possessed Cable. She does not believe this could be. They watch videos of Cable shaving the goatee and Professor X thinks that Stryfe may have possessed Cable for a long time.

They determine that they must find Cable and Stryfe since Stryfe is the only one who knows the cure for the Legacy Virus. Suddenly, Zero appears and tells them that he has sought them out to help him defeat Stryfe. They all agree that Stryfe must be defeated and they are willing to sacrifice Cable to do this.

Stryfe sets down his ship on Tyler's base. He sneaks in and sees Tyler and the Askani. Tyler is ordering the Askani to get in touch with the other Askani. She tells him that without the others present she would to be able to do this. She then warns of another being in the room and she then is engulfed in flames and she begins to be destroyed in the blast. Tyler turns to see that Stryfe has found him in his own base.


  • Part 2 of "Fathers and Sons" series
  • This story is reprinted in Cable Classic Vol. 2.

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