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Scott Summers (Earth-616) from X-Men Annual Vol 2 1 cover
Quote1 Cable? son... Quote2
CableQuote1 Father...? Quote2
Scott Summers (Earth-616) from X-Men Annual Vol 2 1 cover
Quote1 I'm so sorry...for everything that happened...I'm so sorry... Quote2

Appearing in "Act Three - Dayspring"

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Synopsis for "Act Three - Dayspring"

Stryfe says he can finally confront his "son", Tyler. Tyler explains how he had to put Stryfe's mind inside Cable so that he could kill both at one time. He says this was easy since Stryfe's old body was killed in a vortex on the moon. Tyler also explains that Cable is truly his father and that Stryfe is Cable's failure of a clone. Stryfe does not believe him and he blasts him across the base. He then points his gun at the Askani and says the sisterhood is dead. She disagrees since she is still alive and that she has warned Cyclops and Jean of Stryfe's return. He shoots he shield and she turns to ashes. Tyler warns that he was linked to the Askani and that now he will show the "truth" of his life to Stryfe.

Meanwhile, Zero tells the X-Men of his prime directives and that he must kill Stryfe and may kill Cable in doing this. Zero tells them of how Stryfe's body was destroyed by the vortex on the moon and Cable was sent into a future timeline. He says that Stryfe's mind was left in a flux and attached to Cable. Sinister had unleashed Stryfe's mind and that he went after Tyler and the Askani first. Jean learns that it was the Askani that had warned her of Stryfe's presence. He also tells them that Cable is their true son and not Stryfe. They all agree to follow Zero to defeat Stryfe. Zero teleports them away.

Tyler's holographic "memories" that the Askani is showing them teaches Tyler and Stryfe that Nathan Summers was cloned by the Askani and that the original was not going to die as they had previously thought. The Canaanite army attacks suddenly and Boak escapes with the original Nathan Summers and that Apocalypse himself arrives and lifts up the cloned Nathan Summers. Stryfe realizes that he is that clone and yet does not want to believe this.

The X-Men show up and Cyclops attacks Stryfe and Stryfe knocks the X-Men away. Stryfe cannot believe that Zero has betrayed him and brought the X-Men to defeat him. Zero uses the Askani's energy to bind Stryfe. Professor X and Jean enter inside Stryfe's mind. They learn of his raising by Apocalypse and what turned him into a villain. The Askani asks Stryfe to allow the X-Men to help him. She shows him the pasts of Cyclops, Cable, and Tyler and he realizes that he turned out to be a disgrace. He decides to finally give up and with him goes the cure for the Legacy Virus.

The Askani then takes out Stryfe's mind from Cable's body and Cable falls to the ground. Cyclops runs over and tries to help him but Cable instead is looking for his own son, Tyler. He apparently escaped during the confusion and cannot be found telepathically by Professor X. Jean Grey says she reached out to Stryfe to find a cure for the virus and was unsuccessful. Professor X says they must continue looking for a cure. Cyclops says that Cable and he should not remain so distant and opens the door for Cable to ask him questions about his past. Cable then asks about his mother, Madelyne Pryor-Summers.


  • Part 3 of "Fathers and Sons" series
  • This story is reprinted in Cable Classic Vol. 2.

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