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-- Hope

Appearing in "Messiah War (Chapter 2)"

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Synopsis for "Messiah War (Chapter 2)"

X-Force stands on a cliffside looking out into a gleaming city that happens to have Apocalypse’s ship as its central landmark. Wolverine demands to know what’s happened over the last millennium. Deadpool explains that after joining with the Jersey Turnpike Authority in the early 21st century, he found himself locked in an industrial freezer for 800 years. When he finally got out, he emerged into a world destroyed by various disasters and ruled by Stryfe. Deadpool decided to join Stryfe then, but tells X-Force he’s since turned against him because Stryfe has gone too far. Cable refuses to believe Stryfe is both alive and was able to defeat Apocalypse to gain control of the world and En Sabah Nur’s technology. Not alone, anyway.

In the wastelands bordering New Celestial City - which used to be Westchester, New York - Bishop tells Stryfe that his tech picked up multiple time jumps. He’s convinced it was Cable and the child. Stryfe receives a communication that his soldiers have found them.

Meanwhile, Wolverine berates Cable for raising Hope in the least safe timeline possible. Cable refuses to bring Hope back to X-Force’s time, and the two men nearly come to blows. Warpath defuses the situation, putting their focus back on defeating whoever is in charge of the city, whether that is Stryfe or Apocalypse. As X-23 tries to comfort Hope, they are all suddenly surrounded by Stryfe’s soldiers.


Chronology Notes

A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:

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