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-- Domino

Appearing in "Messiah War (Chapter 4)"

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Synopsis for "Messiah War (Chapter 4)"

X-Force’s limited time in the future runs short, but their mission to protect Cable and Hope is in peril. Hope and Warpath have been captured by Stryfe and an unseen force in the area of Westchester is preventing any of them from teleporting or time-sliding. And if X-Force can’t travel back to the past before their time runs out, they will die in the future. The team devises a plan to solve both of these problems - Cable, Wolverine, and Elixir will storm Stryfe’s Citadel to rescue Hope, while X-23, Vanisher, Domino, and Deadpool will destroy whatever is keeping them trapped in the area.

Miles away in a cave in the Adirondacks, a weakened, frail Apocalypse beckons Archangel to come closer. Warren demands to know why Apocalypse summoned him, and Apocalypse grabs him by the throat. He orders Archangel to bring him Celestial technology that will restore him, but Warren dismisses him. He tells his old master he deserves the suffering he’s enduring and leaves the cave.

In the Celestial City, Deadpool tells Domino and X-23 that he knows what is disrupting their time-travel devices, and it’s not a thing or a place - it’s a person. Meanwhile, Wolverine, Cable, and Elixir fight their way through Stryfe’s soldiers in a desperate attempt to get inside the Citadel and save Hope.

Inside, Stryfe tortures a restrained Warpath while trapping Hope within a psionic force bubble. Warpath resists Stryfe’s attempts to pry into his mind while Stryfe studies over Hope. As Hope stares back, she begins to notice Cable’s features beneath Stryfe’s helmet, wondering if this masked man could be her “father” in disguise come to rescue her.

Bishop watches from the shadows, reflecting on the 12 years he has spent hiding thoughts of Hope from Stryfe. Seeing his chance to finally kill Hope, Bishop presses a button on his cybernetic arm and triggers a nanite bomb that briefly incapacitates Stryfe. The psionic bubble dissipates, freeing Hope and giving Bishop his shot. He aims his weapon at the girl and fires.

Bishop’s bullet is frozen in mid-air and his gun begins to disassemble in his hand. Stryfe is back on his feet. He brushes off attacks from Bishop and pins him against the wall, turning his powers on his uneasy ally. He probes Bishop’s mind and learns that he was trying to kill Hope. Stryfe turns his attention to the girl and realizes she sees Cable as her father. Hope, convinced Stryfe is in fact Cable, lifts Stryfe’s helmet. She sees Cable’s face and runs into his arms. Stryfe maintains the ruse and tells Hope he’ll save her from her “false father.”

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