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Appearing in "Messiah War (Chapter 6)"

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Synopsis for "Messiah War (Chapter 6)"

The unconscious bodies of Cable, Bishop, and Wolverine lie strewn about the floor of Stryfe’s throne room. Stryfe, having probed Elixir’s mind for information, now understands Hope’s importance. Unable to revive Cable, Hope runs away and flees into a service corridor. However, Stryfe telepathically tracks her and traps her in a psionic bubble. He tells Hope he’s going to teach her about her true potential.

Meanwhile, Cable and Bishop wake, as does Wolverine, who has been reduced to his base feral nature due to brain injuries caused by Stryfe. Bishop shoots Cable, grazing him and drawing blood - enough for animalistic Wolverine to catch the scent and leap at Cable, allowing Bishop to pursue Stryfe.

Outside, Angel carries a weakened Apocalypse into the Celestial ship. Apocalypse connects himself to the ship and it outfits him in his old armor, rejuvenating and empowering him once more. Angel watches in horror, wondering if he has made a huge mistake.

Elsewhere inside the ship, Deadpool confesses to the rest of X-Force that he is telepathically connected to Stryfe and had been commanded to kill them. With only 30 minutes left before they are supposed to return to the past, X-23 and Vanisher continue the search for the “chronal net” that will keep them in the future unless it is disabled. They find an old woman plugged into machinery. X-23 recognizes her as her friend Kiden Nixon, whose power to stop time has been amplified by Stryfe’s machine to impact the entirety of North America. Deadpool says he’s allowed too much suffering, and walks off alone to confront Stryfe.

Bishop finds Stryfe and Hope on a platform within the bowels of the Citadel. Stryfe easily disarms Bishop and disregards his warnings about the threat Hope poses. He tells Bishop that Hope is going to become Stryfe. As he’s about to unleash his power on Bishop, Stryfe looks up to see his “brother”. Close behind Cable is Wolverine, who has gotten a taste for Nathan Summers’ blood. Wolverine launches himself at Stryfe, but Stryfe turns his berserker rage on Cable and Bishop and is left the only one still standing. He reaches out for Hope, but Deadpool appears and blasts him off the platform. But before they can celebrate, Stryfe rises from the abyss. He grabs Deadpool and tears Wade’s body in half.

As X-23, Domino, and Vanisher debate whether to kill Kiden, the timers on X-Force’s time-travel devices tick down to zero.

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