Quote1 Funny feeling. That my entire life has been nothing -- a zero sum game. Quote2
-- Emil

Appearing in "Brood: Chapter Three: "Checkmate""

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


  • Deep Space


  • Bishop's Thermonuclear device


  • The Ensabahnur I (Destroyed)
  • The Messiah II (Destroyed)

Synopsis for "Brood: Chapter Three: "Checkmate""

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Solicit Synopsis

There’s trapped, and then there’s trapped…like when you’re marooned in the vacuum of space and every part of your ship is crawling with parasitic aliens who want to plant the eggs of their unborn at the base of your spine. There’s screwed, and then there’s screwed…like when Bishop, the mutant cop with a nuke in his arm, is set to blow everything to hell the minute he sees his target—the girl you’ve spent 15 years trying to protect. There’s no time left. No food. No air.

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