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Appearing in "War Baby (Chapter 3)"

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Synopsis for "War Baby (Chapter 3)"

Cable recuperates under the care of Sophie Pettit while Bishop is captured by, and escapes from, the Turnpike Authority.

Cable uses his TK powers to shield himself and the baby from the falling eighteen-wheeler. Bishop, exhausted by his time jumping and the current fight, is knocked out and taken away by the Turnpike Authority. Sophie Pettit, the waitress from the nearby diner, takes Cable and the baby to her apartment to tend to his wounds.

Bishop is chained while members of the Turnpike Authority question him. In order to charge his powers, Bishop taunts the men until they beat him. He continues to provoke the men into assaulting him until he has gained enough kinetic energy to break free, kill his captors, and resume his hunt for Cable and the baby.

Meanwhile, while Cable is with Sophie, she explains how society has degraded to its current state. She recalls how her father was killed when he stood up to the New Jersey Assembly, the governmental body in charge. While Sophie talks with Nathan, they hear a sound outside. Cable fears that it is either Bishop or the Turnpike Authority, but is relieved to see that it is his former student, Cannonball.

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