Quote1.png As long as you and the little one were still out there, Ah knew I'd wake up someday. And all of this would be a bad dream. Quote2.png
-- Cannonball

Appearing in "War Baby (Chapter 4)"

Featured Characters:

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Other Characters:

  • X-Men (Mentioned)
  • Diner Owner
  • Mutant Camp residents from Earth-1191 (Only in flashback)

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Synopsis for "War Baby (Chapter 4)"

Cannonball fights Bishop to give Cable, the baby, and Sophie time to escape.

Bishop escapes from the Turnpike Authority and goes to the diner where he first attacked Cable. He threatens the owner until he tells him where Sophie lives.

Cannonball explains to Cable how he is the last mutant in this time. Sam tells how he has been stockpiling food and resources and using Cerebra to monitor the decline of mutants and to watch for Cable's arrival. As Bishop comes closer, Sam volunteers to fight him while Cable, the baby, and Sophie flee the city.

Cannonball confronts Bishop outside of Sophie's apartment. They fight and Sam questions Bishop about his actions. Bishop explains that the baby is the cause of the future Bishop grew up in. To prevent that future, Bishop is prepared to kill the child. When Cannonball thinks he has knocked Bishop out, he gets too close to him and Bishop rips his heart out with the tendrils in his mechanical arm.

After witnessing the fight from a distance, Cable decides that he cannot run away, but must face Bishop.


  • Although Cannonball is shown here as an old man, in early issues of X-Force Vol 1, he is revealed to be an immortal. However, other immortal mutants have not shown the signs of aging that Sam shows in this issue.


  • Sophie Pettit's address is 49 Sylvan Street.

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