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-- Cable

Appearing in "War Baby (Chapter 5)"

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Synopsis for "War Baby (Chapter 5)"

Cable fights Bishop before escaping into the future.

Cable, the baby, and Sophie escape New Jersey and travel to Westchester, the former home of the X-Men and the place where Cannonball has been monitoring Cable's arrival, using Cerebra. There, they arm themselves with the weapons that Cannonball has stockpiled.

Bishop travels to Westchester to fight Cable, coercing a group of Turnpike Authority members into helping him. When they arrive, they discover that Cannonball has also 'requisitioned' a Blackbird, which Cable uses to crush Bishop's allies. Cable and Sophie emerged from the plane and attack Bishop and the surviving Turnpike Authority members. Bishop runs Cable down with a van and has him trapped, with the baby vulnerable. Cable then realizes that his time mechanism is not entirely broken but will carry him and the child into the future. They escape, leaving a furious Bishop behind.

Sophie then travels to the headquarters of the New Jersey Assembly, where she institutes martial law and kills all of the board members.

Cable and the baby continue their journey alone, this time in a world 85 years in the future.


In this issue, the Messiah Baby is shown with the symbol of the Phoenix reflected in her eyes.

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