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Having successfully used the Light of Galador to bring the S.W.O.R.D. space station back online, Cable asks Cyclops and Jean Grey where are the crew people are. They go looking for them, with Jean trying to find them with her telepathy. She succeeds in picking something up, but has a hard time discerning what due to what she describes as "background interference". She sends the pair to check the barracks. On their way, they receive a call from Magik. She tells Cable that he needs to return in order to participate in the tournament. Cyclops assures her that they will return as soon as possible, while telling Cable that he should let him take his place in the tournament. Cable refuses, as the pair find something and call on Jean. Jean tells them to wait, as she has made a discovery of her own.

Jean has found a living man, who asks her why she powered the station back on. The man turns around, and she sees that he has no eyes, and a strange mark on his face. He opens his mind to her to show her what happened to the station, before killing himself. The agents were attacked by an unknown foe, whom the man suspected was a virus, which killed most of the crew. She tells Cyclops and Cable not to open any more doors, but they have already found the portal the enemy came through. Jean identifies them as the Vescora, a virus-like species that invades a reality, replicates, and moves on. They begin emerging in massive numbers through the portal. Cyclops and Jean hold them off, while Cable shuts down the station by retrieving the Light of Galador.

The trio return to Krakoa, with Cable taking his place as a champion in the coming tournament. Cyclops and Magik telepathically communicate, with Cyclops telling her he has a contingency plan for the coming battle. They ask Magik to keep an eye on Cable, as Cyclops smiles and tells him they're all going to be okay.

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A hand held aloft. A mystery in the stars. An ace up the sleeve.

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