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Quote1 We know what comes next... it is a duel fated millennia ago. Quote2
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Appearing in "X of Swords: Chapter 19"

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Synopsis for "X of Swords: Chapter 19"

Having just returned from his mission to Arakko, Mr. Sinister warns the the Quiet Council that the Arakkii are extremely dangerous, that the ten champions Krakoa sent are likely dead, and that their best bet is to destroy the External Gate and prepare to be invaded. Professor X responds that destroying the gate is not an option, as Krakoa itself has refused to close it.

In Dryador, the champions have gathered for the next event. With the score 17-6 in Arakko's favor, the next contest is a duel to the death between Cable and Bei the Bloodmoon. Cable gains the upper-hand, but hesitates for a split second before striking the final blow, as he realizes that he is about to kill Cypher's wife. Bei takes advantage and wrestles him to the ground, breaking his arm. Just before she can kill him, Cypher intervenes and begs Bei to spare him. Saturnyne, feeling that Cable's defeat qualifies as a "death of the spirit", agrees to end the contest and awards Arakko a point.

With the score 18-6 in Arakko's favor, a desperate Cable contacts his parents, Cyclops and Jean Grey. He tells them that they are going to lose, and that it is as if Saturnyne has rigged the contest against them. Lamenting that he was not ready, and that he should have been his older self, he tells them to prepare for war, before Saturnyne interrupts their connection. Cyclops and Jean prepare to help him, as the champions prepare for the next duel.

Gorgon and the White Sword are to face each other for another duel to the death. White Sword tells him that he will first have to face his 100 champions before he may fight him, and begins to summon them in. Gorgon succeeds in killing 13 champions, but is grievously wounded, at which point Saturnyne announces that Krakoa has received a point for each slain champion, giving Krakoa a narrow lead at 19-18. Aghast, War begs the White Sword to finish him. With Gorgon's life slipping away, the White Sword prepares to deal the final blow, telling him he will resurrect him and take him into his service. Gorgon refuses, telling him that he cannot impose his will over him, and an amused White Sword kills Gorgon and leaves him dead.

With the score evened, Saturnyne prepares to announce the final challenge, but is interrupted by Genesis and Apocalypse, who understand that the final battle will be between them.

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A son. The stars. A Fool and his bravery.


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