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Cable and Dr. Nemesis arrive at the Eat-More main plant to find that Colossus is already fighting Girth-mutated workers, which doesn’t add up with Cable’s visions. After they have taken out the bunch, Nemesis attempts to find a cure while Colossus and Cable are to stop the food trucks from leaving. Again they find they are too late and Cable notifies Forge and Domino to intercept the trucks. Mysteriously, a Deathlok is in the plant, however he teleports away rather than attack Cable. Domino has managed to take out the trucks and joins them, however Dr. Nemesis’ attempts at finding a cure have backfired, as the Girth mutated to match, making the victims even more dangerous. The only option he has left to offer will destroy the virus but also kill the infected men. Despite Colossus’ protests, Cable gives the order to do it. Soon the workers are returned to normal and dead, which is when the authorities arrive. After X-Force have evacuated, they also destroy their headquarters before the authorities can enter it. The group splits up in a city, agreeing to meet again later.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Witness the massacre that make Cable and X-Force criminals.
  • They can't go back from here...


Dr. Nemesis got the sample in issue #2.

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