Cack Clugg was a pick-pocket from the American East who decided to make a name for himself in the Wild West. He was able to use his pickpocketing skills to exchange live ammunition on his opponent's gun belt with blanks, thus making himself appear to be bullet-proof. He was able to build himself a reputation in this manner as everyone feared him. The Rawhide Kid, however, attacked Clugg after he had assaulted an old man, and Clugg challenged him to a gun-fight. The Kid was able to figure out Clugg's trick when he heard that he had come from the East. He therefore fought Clugg using his fists rather than his guns, knowing that the bullets were blanks. Clugg was soundly beaten and his reputation (based on seeming invulnerability) ruined.[1]




Clugg was a master pickpocket, able to exchange the live bullets in his opponent's gun-belts with blanks without anyone noticing. Also, though he was a very slow draw with his pistol, he was in fact quite a skilled marksman.


Blank ammunition shells.



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