Caesar Cicero was a member of Silvermane's Maggia family. He hoped to replace Silvermane as head of the family one day. He bailed out Louis Wilson to help Silvermane decipher the Lifeline Tablet.[1]

Spider-Man read about it and tried to capture Big C, but he managed to flee from his office, taking with him Martha and Billy Connors to have Curt Connors assist Wilson in cracking the tablet's secret code.[2]

When Silvermane drank the elixir of life, made with the tablet's formula, Big C tried to convince Man Mountain Marko that the young man was an impostor, but the arrival of Spider-Man and Lizard forced him to flee the Galby Building.[3]

Years later, somewhere in Upstate New York, Big C was called by Silvermane to form an alliance and take control of the Maggia.[4]

He then murdered Hell's Kitchen mob affiliate Joe Flannagan in Times Square.[5]

Cicero later witnessed Mainframe electronically transferring Silvermane's mind into Deathlok's body.[6]

A while later, like all the New York City crime bosses, Caesar Cicero agreed to eliminate Don Fortunato.[7]

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