A mobster who was active in Chicago in the mid 20th Century, the Caesar of Crime earned his nickname due to his total control over crime in the area. However when his entire gang faced prosecution, the Caesar and his men fled to the jungles of the Republic of the Congo. There he used his fortune to build a phony village and disguises based on ancient Rome, inspired by his nickname where they hid from the law.

The Caesar and his minions were discovered by jungle adventurer Lorna the Jungle Girl and her friend Greg Knight. Escaping an attempt on their lives, Lorna and Greg tracked them back to their phony village. There they were captured and the Caesar asked Greg to help them hunt. Seemingly believing them, Greg agreed to take some of the Caesar's men with him. Lorna, not believing the story was then told the truth by the Caesar who was about to kill her when Greg Knight arrived with a pack of lions. As it turned out, Greg knew all along that the Caesar and his men were phonies as they spoke in English with American accents, something that ancient Romans would not have and used the tamed lions from his wildlife preserve to frighten the Caesar and his minions into surrendering and they were then turned over to the authorities. [1]

The subsequent of the Caesar of Crime is unknown.


The Caesar carried a sword.

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