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Built on the site of a colonial French prison, The Cage was a superhuman-rated correctional facility. It housed a device capable of damping any mutant or superhuman abilities down to a normal human level; inmates with magical abilities received injections designed to curtail their powers.

The prison was home to four gangs. Though dominated by a strong contingent of Maggia loyalists, the prison was also home to two competing gangs, the Skulls (a white supremacist gang loyal to the Red Skull) and the Brothers (a black prison gang). Lastly were the Cruisers, a cabal of sexual predators who preyed on the other inmates as best they could. Rounding out the population were smaller gangs, usually based on extant supercrime teams formed outside the prison.

To prevent breakouts or break-ins, the Cage hid its location from the outside world and actively wiped the minds of its former inmates to keep the facility a secret. However, this led to a plague of corrupt personnel. By the time of its one escape, the level of graft in the facility was sufficient that the heads of the prison's Maggia contingent had access food at least as good as the Warden's. This was one of the reasons it was shut down, and its role was taken by The Raft.

Points of Interest

  • The Catacombs: in places, it is possible to walk directly from the current prison into the buried ruins of the original 18th century prison.


Mainstream Universe (Earth-616)


  • Montgomery Battle, former warden
  • Pitts, warden
  • Axel, guard
  • Captain Sangese, former guard
  • Gary, guard
  • McKenna, guard
  • Robinson, doctor
  • Caleb Tillis, former guard



  • The Cage's location is unknown. One theory places it in the Pacific Ocean. Another puts it directly off the French coast. Either could be misdirection.
  • As of All-New X-Men #14 the warden of The Cage is named Pitts.

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