Quote1.png Tell you what. After I'm all done with Venus here, my plate is clean for the afternoon. You bought me 'til dinnertime. Quote2.png
-- Luke Cage

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Synopsis for "Cage: Part One"

A woman named Mrs. Dickens walks into a striptease club where she finds Luke Cage enjoying a show. Approaching him, she states that she wants to hire him to exact revenge against the gang bangers responsible for killing her thirteen-year-old daughter, Hope. Luke finishes his business with one of the strippers and agrees to take Mrs. Dickens’ case.

Cage begins muscling in on the gangs congregating on G Street. He interrogates a couple of thugs during a basketball game and learns that the bullet that killed Hope Dickens was originally intended for another gang banger named Clifford "Clifto" Townsend. Upon further investigation, he learns that the triggerman might possibly be linked to Lonnie "Tombstone" Lincoln.


  • Cage (Volume 2) is a five issue limited series published under Marvel's MAX Imprint. The cover to each issue is marked with an "Explicit Content" parental advisory warning.

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