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Quote1 Hear me, Skaar. I died protecting you with my Old Power. I tried to guide you through this savage world. I warned you of the doom you chose. But you closed your ears. Let's see whether you'll listen any better... to your father. Quote2
Spirit of Caiera[src]


Caiera was born to the Shadow People of Sakaar in the steppes in the north of the Great Desert.[2] She was identified by her village elders as one of the few members of her race with the Old Power, the power to control the earth. As such, these Shadow Elders began to train Caiera to better control her unique abilities.[2]

When she was thirteen years old her village was attacked by the Spikes. Using her Old Power and fighting skills she fought the infected of her village until she was saved by the young Red King. The Red King had stood by and allowed her village to be infected in order to find a Shadow with the Old Power. Caiera was initially taken into Imperial custody, but later freed and officially made the King's bodyguard ("Shadow") pursuant to the Shadow Treaty, which provided the Empire with a number of Warbound Shadow Warriors in exchange for the political independence of the Shadow People.[2] She supervised the enslavement and training of the Hulk and when he later broke free, she fought him and his rebel forces for the Red King.[5]

After the Red King unleashed the Spikes upon the Hulks forces and was revealed to have been behind them all along, Caiera betrayed him and sided with the Hulk and his rebels. Together they managed to defeat and kill the Red King. The Hulk became the new King of Sakaar and when negotiating a new Shadow Treaty with the Shadow People, they offered to make Caiera serve him as his bodyguard just as she had served the Red King. The Hulk refused however, stating that he wanted her as his wife. She agreed, with the two participating in a private marriage ceremony where the Hulk revealed Bruce Banner to her for the first time, baring his soul to her.[6]

As the two vowed to bring peace and stability to Sakaar, Caiera revealed she was pregnant with Hulk's child.[7] This peace would not last long however, as the warp core on the shuttle that brought Hulk to Sakaar exploded. Despite Hulk's attempt to shield her, Caiera and seemingly her unborn child were one of the many killed when the warp core exploded.[8] Caiera's death, the deaths of millions of innocent people, and the resulting chaos that ravaged most of Sakaar's surface with violent volcanic eruptions drove the Hulk to return to Earth to exact vengeance on the Illuminati whom he believed to have detonated the shuttle.[8][9]

Later, Hulk and Caiera's son, Skaar arose from the ruins of Sakaar.[10] Caiera had given up her body using her Old Power protecting her son among others and became one with her world though her spirit lived on and attempted to guide Skaar, the son she was aware of,[11] but he was so angry and vengeful over the people who betrayed him over Axeman Bone that he refused to listen to her. Using what little of her strength she had left as a spirit, she used her Old Power to return in a stone form of the Hulk and then herself. She proceeded to defeat Skaar with ease and asked why he insisted on being a killer instead of attempting to make peace. Skaar then revealed his plan for killing everyone on the planet he deemed evil after glimpsing the destruction of so many others while he briefly wielded the Old Power.[12]

Caiera then decided to offer him one last chance at redemption, she forced the Silver Surfer, who was being controlled by an Obedience Disk after trying to warn Skaar of Galactus' arrival, to bring him close to the Cosmic Being in order to truly grasp the consequences of his plans. The Silver Surfer sent Skaar back to Sakaar believing he saw things Caiera's way and she returned to being one with the planet, believing Skaar had taken up the Silver Surfer's previous offer to evacuate the planet and returned him his Old Power in order to do so. But Skaar instead used the Old Power to destroy the Stone Ships, dooming everyone on the planet, deciding that the planet and Caiera's soul were more important than its people. He gave the Silver Surfer an ultimatum, spare Sakaar or he would use the Old Power to increase Galactus' hunger, causing him to consume every planet with the Old Power. The Silver Surfer decided to leave, informing everyone on the planet of Skaar's actions and how they would subsequently kill billions. Caiera returned to him once more and denounced him as her son for his decision and exiled him from the planet by sending him through a wormhole to hole. She then absorbed Sakaar's Old Power and awaited for Galactus to consume her alongside the rest of the planet.[13]


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Old Power: Caiera could willfully channel an energy force native to the planet Sakaar itself for the purpose of increasing some of her natural attributes to superhuman levels.

  • Superhuman Strength: Caiera could channel the Old Power through her body for the purpose of granting herself superhuman strength of undefined limits. While the upper limit of her strength wasn't revealed, she could lift somewhere between 75 and 100 tons.
  • Superhuman Stamina: While using the Old Power, Caiera's musculature was considerably advanced to the point where it produced considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of a human being. While the limits of her stamina weren't revealed, she could physically exert herself at peak capacity for at least several hours before the build up of fatigue toxins in her blood began to impair her.
  • Superhuman Durability: The Old Power rendered Caiera's body highly resistant to most forms of physical injury. She could withstand powerful blows from the Hulk, exposure to temperature and pressure extremes, falls from great heights, and powerful blasts of energy without sustaining injury.


Caiera was a highly skilled and formidable fighter in both armed and unarmed combat. She was also an accomplished and skilled military strategist.



Caiera wore some form of body armor that, when combined with the energy of the Old Power, made her even more resistant to injury.


Caiera used daggers and swords at all times that were created from the metal Shadowforge, rendering them invulnerable to most forms of conventional attack.

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