In this reality, Caiera survived the shuttle explosion that destroyed Crown City by being tossed out of the explosion's range by her husband, the Hulk. Doing this however resulted in the Hulk's death. Caiera drained all of the Old Power from Sakaar and ordered the Warbound to rally Sakaar's forces to leave for Earth in order to punish the people she thought responsible for her husband's death. Their first stop is the Moon where Caiera planted an obedience disc on the Inhuman King Black Bolt, before proceeding to invade the Earth. Black Bolt's sonic scream instantly killed the Sentry and Doctor Strange and Caiera proceeded to kill the other members of the Illuminati that exiled her husband, Tony Stark and Reed Richards. She also defeated every other hero that tried to stop her.

She prepared to kill the defeated heroes when she is stopped by Hiroim the Shamed who tells her that the guilty have paid and that if she destroys this world, there would be none left to honour her husband. Caiera relented, but vowed that the heroes will wish she had killed them. She enslaved the heroes and ruled the Earth with an iron hand. She forced the heroes to build a massive stone monument to the Hulk and when it is completed, she climbed atop it and merged with it, becoming one with her husband for the last time.[1]


Seemingly those of Caiera the Oldstrong of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Caiera the Oldstrong of Earth-616.

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