Origin and early years

Cain was Abel's brother, and was likely involved in the "unfortunate accident in adolescence" that resulted with Abel having a rock stuck in his head.[2]

He allegedly had descendants, known as Cain's Clan,[3] including the monsters Grendell and Big Mother.[1]

Modern days

Cain became the owner of the Boarding House of Mystery in Cleveland, where Abel lived with him.

He took Howard the Duck and Beverly in when they had no money or place to stay, likely along with the rest of the residents of the house.[2] It is unknown how he knew who Beverly or Howard were before they arrived.

Powers and Abilities


  • Possibly Precognition: He possibly has some form of psychic or precognitive power allowing him to know identities of people before they came to him.[2]
  • Immortality or Advanced Longevity: He was an average adult in the modern age.[2]

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