Juggernaut was one of the many supervillains captured in Tony Stark's and Dr. Nozomu Akatsuki’s DISKs. However, after the DISKs were spread across the world, Juggernaut's DISK was found by Joel Murphy, one of Loki's henchmen, before the Avengers and their partners could get to it.[1]

When Akira and Ed (who was questioning his own abilities at the time) chased after Joel, Joel unleashed the Juggernaut to stop the two. Akira released Iron Man to fight him, but Iron Man proved to be no match for the seemingly invincible Juggernaut. This prompted Ed to finally overcome his self-doubts and unleash The Hulk to fight Juggernaut. The 2 powerhouses seemed evenly matched, but Hulk eventually managed to get the upper hand by delivering a massive reverberating blow to Juggernaut's helmet, causing him to keel over in pain. This allowed Ed to capture the Juggernaut in a new DISK.[1]

His DISK was stolen from the Avengers base by Noriko, who had been tricked into doing so by Okuma Jubei. Loki then used a machine build by Nozomu Akatsuki to give himself the powers of various heroes and villains trapped in the DISKs, including Juggernaut. After Loki was defeated and sucked into another Dimension, Juggernaut's DISK was presumably lost again.[2]

Sometime later, after Loki managed to contact the Celebrity Five from the dimension he had been send to and restored their Biocodes (which had been taken from them by Red Skull), Joel somehow got his hands on Juggernaut's DISK again. He D-smashed the villain when the Celebrity Five attacked a security conference to lure the Avengers out. This time, Juggernaut first fought against Thor and Wasp. Thor was able to briefly knock Juggernaut out with his lightning, but the villain quickly came through. By then, the other Avengers had joined the battle and Hulk once more fought Juggernaut, using the same strategy as last time. When the Five got what they came for, Joel recalled Juggernaut to his DISK.[3]

Juggernaut is last seen 3 months after Loki and Dormammu have been defeated, still working for the Celebrity Five.[4]


Seemingly those of Cain Marko of Earth-616.

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