A member of the Horsemen of Apocalypse, Juggernaut and his allies were ordered by their master, Apocalypse to go and retrieve the Iron Avengers. While they arrived ahead of them, the Horsemen were confronted by the Avengers before they could steal the massive combat vehicles.

Juggernaut faced off against Hawkeye, claiming a quick victory against the Avenger. He is however, forced to retreat when Vision threatened the Horsemen with his reclaimed Iron Avenger.

Cain Marko (Earth-2301) from X-Men Ronin Vol 1 5 0001

Cain in X-Men: Ronin

He is later seen attending a party hosted by Charles Xavier along with several other mutants and influential individuals.


This version of Juggernaut wears a suit of robotic armour which seems to duplicate the powers bestowed upon people by Cyttorak.

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