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| Education =
| Education =
| Origin =
| Origin = Mutant
| PlaceOfBirth =
| PlaceOfBirth =
| Creators = Rhett Reese; Paul Wernick; Ryan Reynolds
| Creators = Rhett Reese; Paul Wernick; Ryan Reynolds

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Cain Marko was a prisoner at the Ice Box prison, held in a secure section of the facility. In the aftermath of Cable's assault on the prison, Russell Collins (also known as Firefist) befriended Juggernaut by sharing food with him. Because of Cable's attack on the prison, all prisoners were scheduled for transport to another installation. Deadpool organizes a team of mutants to fight Cable and save Russell, whom he calls X-Force. The team launches their assault on the prison truck transporting Russell by leaping from a plane and parachuting in, but all members other than Deadpool and Domino die in the landing. During the battle, Russell frees the Juggernaut, who destroys the truck and escapes with Russell. Then Cable decides to team up with Deadpool and they plan to stop Russell from killing the orphanage's abusive headmaster, an act which sets Russell down his murderous path. Deadpool, Cable, and Domino arrive at the orphanage to stop Russell and Juggernaut but face difficulty fighting the latter, who proves too powerful for them. Colossus arrives and distracts Juggernaut long enough for Cable and Deadpool to catch up with Russell. Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and Yukio managed to defeat the Juggernaut. With Yukio using her chain to restrain him, Colossus shoving a power cable up his anus and then Negasonic using her power to knock him into the pool electrocuting him. He appears to have survived as he can be seen climbing out of the bath before the credits.


Strength level

He proved able to lift a school bus


Juggernaut was shown to be vulnerable against electricity.

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