Cain Marko was the son of Kurt Marko and stepbrother of Charles Xavier. Initially the two stepbrothers were close friends. But under the eyes of Cain's father, the brothers were raised to be antagonistic toward each other. Cain and Charles, having understood of their father's malice intentions, fled to a lighthouse not far from their home and where the keeper's widow Mrs. MacTaggart kept them there for the weekend. Cain and Charles' stay was the only fondest relations they had between them before being return to their parents. By their teens, Cain became the person that his father made him and crippled Charles when he fought him on a staircase.

Cain eventually became mercenary known as the "Juggernaut" in Madripoor and fought in World War One. He later became involved in bootlegging before being imprisoned at Welfare Island. There he taught the young twin brothers Thomas and Robert Halloway in learning how to fight.

Sometime later, Cain was released and hired by Charles to retrieve the Gem of Cyttorak in Madripoor in order for the Office of National Emergency (O*N*E*) to bargain with Prince Baran of Madripoor in relocating their operations from Genosha Bay to Madripoor. After having his old friend Thomas Halloway in retrieving the Gem, Cain did not fully agree with O*N*E* and double-crossed Halloway and his friends from being involve and took the Gem to be safely sent to New York on a slow boat from China. Cain unwisely wanted O*N*E* to be paid handsomely for the Gem, and was instead arrested and beaten in revealing the Gem's location. Upon arriving near Genosha Bay, Cain was thrown off of O*N*E*'s Dirigi-Carrier, which he was crushed almost beyond recognition, at his stepbrother's orders in order to draw out Thomas Halloway.

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