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Juggernaut was presented mostly as a villain in Earth-9047. He was also seen doing menial job for non-evil interests: Along with the Bulk, Juggernaut worked as the hangar door operator for the Goon Knight.[2] Again with Bulk, he worked carrying bags of fan mail for Marble.[3]

During the Silver Age, Juggernaut teamed-up with Magneeto, Green Goblin, Mole Mensch and Red Skulker against the original X-Persons, and the villains got the upper hand, with Juggernaut charging against N'Iceman. Then, the Boast used his unbeareable foot odor power to make Juggernaut and his allies retreat.[4]

Along with Red Skulker, Juggernaut was defeated by Milk and Cookies.[5] When he later fought Sore, the godda thunder managed to topple him.[6] He was also battered by the Sheeza-Hulk.[7] Eventually, he stopped at a deli to buy some toast for breakfast, but the police and the X-Persons thought he was stealing and tried to arrest him.[1]

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He can be stopped by a number of things that mostly distract him.[8]


This character is never identified by name in What The--?!. The article assumes he shares name with his Earth-616 counterpart, even if most Earth-9047 characters have some kind of pun in their names.

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