Cain Marko was the bullying step-brother of Charles Xavier. While the two were serving military duty in Korea, Cain found the ancient temple of Cyttorak. Attempting to grab the ruby inside, Xavier stopped Marko and instead got transformed by the ruby himself. Leaving Xavier to die, Marko fled back to the United States, where he inherited the Xavier Estate. When Xavier returned from Korea, he kicked Marko out of the mansion, with Marko vowing revenge. Soon after, Marko met with Magneto and the two conspired for years against Xavier. When several of the X-Men quit the team, Marko saw his chance. He met with the former X-Men and helped convince them to aid Magneto against Xavier. The former X-Men led Xavier to Magneto's asteroid base, where they launched him into space. Following the defeat of the Juggernaut, Cain became the lackey of Magneto.[1]


As a result of his days in the military, Cain is a formidable hand to hand combatant preferring to use street fighting and brawling techniques

Strength level

Normal human male who engages in intensive regular exercise.

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