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Quote1 I'm not a mutant, tin-head. My powers are magical, and none of you mutant wimps can handle them. Quote2



Cain Marko was the step-brother of Charles Xavier. Cain's father Kurt Marko married the wealthy widow Sharon Xavier for her money. While Sharon and her son Charles were fond of Kurt, he cared only for the money. Kurt was abusive towards Cain, while feigning love for Charles. Cain grew to resent his step-brother, jealous of the attention his father gave him and blaming Charles for Kurt's treatment of him. Cain responded by tormenting Charles throughout their childhood.[1][2]

Cain gained his powers while on an expedition in Asia when he came across the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak. As the Juggernaut, he attempted to get revenge on his step-brother, Charles Xavier. At some point, he encountered the X-Men, Xavier's team of mutant heroes.[1]

The Unstoppable Juggernaut[]

Seeking revenge against his brother, Juggernaut attacked his mansion, knocking it down only to discover that Xavier was not present. He began robbing banks in order to attract Xavier's attention, but was defeated by the X-Men and their new ally Colossus. With his helmet briefly removed, he was given a hypnotic suggestion by Jean Grey that made him forget who and where he was.[1]

Cain Marko (Earth-92131) from X-Men The Animated Series Season 1 8

Cry of the Banshee[]

Juggernaut eventually recovered from Jean Grey's telepathic attack, and teamed up with Black Tom Cassidy. Together, the pair were hired by Erik the Red to kidnap the rebellious Shi'ar princess, Lilandra Neramani. Juggernaut accepted the job, knowing it would allow him to exact revenge on his brother, whom Lilandra had turned to for help. The duo ambushed them in Muir Island, and kidnapped Lilandra, taking her to Cassidy Keep, after Cain threw Xavier out of a window to his death.[3]

Unbeknownst to Cain, his brother had survived, and sent his X-Men to save Lilandra. Without the help of a telepath, they were chanceless against the Juggernaut, but the sudden intervention of Gladiator, leader of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, ended with Cain being overpowered and hurled into the horizon.[3]

Return of the Juggernaut[]

Juggernaut was thrown into the ocean by Gladiator, but survived and walked all the way back to the U.S. As soon as he surfaced, he immediately charged the X-Mansion to kill his brother. Finding his brother at a disadvantage, as most of the X-Men were away, Cain nearly succeeded in claiming his revenge, only for his powers to suddenly vanish, just as the roof of the Danger Room collapsed on him. Cain was rescued by the X-Men, but left in a critical condition due to his injuries. Cain's powers had vanished because someone else had discovered the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, the source of his powers, and claimed them for himself.[2]

Xavier attempted to probe his brother's mind and to reconcile with him, but Cain was intransigent, refusing to forgive Charles and swearing that even if Charles saved him nothing would change between them. Despite this, Charles returned the gem to Cain, allowing him to become the Juggernaut once more. Cain hurled the gem into space, to ensure no one could ever steal the power from him again. Despite telling Charles nothing would change between them, Cain left the mansion in peace, leaving his brother and the X-Men unharmed.[2]


Cain Marko was a sadistic bully. He blamed his stepbrother for all his problems and was jealous of him for the fact that their father seemed to love him more. Cain responded by tormenting him unrelentingly and trying to kill him on repeated occasions. This was in part due to the treatment Cain suffered at the hands of his father, who was dismissive and abusive towards him.

Cain maintained a jovial exterior, cracking jokes and laughing even while fighting. This merely served to mask a nearly uncontrollable rage that was enough to completely overwhelm Rogue when she tried to absorb his powers. While never forgiving his brother, Cain did express a grudging gratitude by sparing him after Charles saved his life.

Despite his immense powers, which made him a match for all of the X-Men at once, Cain was not particularly bright, and was generally defeated by being outsmarted.



Avatar of Cyttorak: By wielding the power of the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, Juggernaut can gain incredible size, strength and is nearly unstoppable.




  • Cain was initially referred to as Charles' half-brother, but in the flashbacks revealing their childhood, he was instead referred to as Charles' step-brother.[2]

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