The Juggernaut was the strongest prisoner at the Ice Box, held in a secure section of the facility. In the aftermath of Cable's assault on the prison, all prisoners were scheduled for transport to another installation. Based on Deadpool's advice that he befriended the Ice Box' toughest inmate, Russell Collins (also known as Firefist) approached Juggernaut's cell and shared his food with him. Juggernaut accepted Russell's present, and agreed to help him orchestrate a breakout during transportation.

The following day, Cable and X-Force (a team composed of Deadpool and Domino) fought over control of the D.M.C.'s transport vehicle. In the middle of the fight, Russell freed himself from the holding cell and liberated the Juggernaut, who destroyed the truck and escaped with Russell after tearing Deadpool in half.

Juggernaut accompanied Firefist in his plan to murder the abusive headmaster of the Essex House for Mutant Rehabilitation, but they were intercepted by Deadpool, Domino and Cable, the latter having formed an alliance with the other two to stop Russell. After the three heroes faced difficulty fighting Juggernaut, Colossus arrived to help out, and took on the Juggernaut on his own. Colossus was later assisted by his fellow X-Men, Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Yukio. After Yukio restrained the Juggernaut using her chain, Colossus shoved a power cable up his rear. Negasonic then knocked him into the pool, electrocuting him. A few moments after Deadpool and his allies left the orphanage, Juggernaut finally managed to climb out of the bath.[1]



  • Skilled Combatant: Cain is at least competent in the use of his powers in a combat situation, being able to easily overpower Colossus in an physical fight.[1]

Strength level

He proved able to lift a school bus.


Juggernaut was shown to be vulnerable against electricity.

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