Deathbird traveled to Earth with her guard Erik the Red in order to take control of the planet. But they were intercepted by the members of the X-Men who boarded their ship and battled the Shi'ar soldiers within. Deathbird and Erik made their presence known which enabled Daken to enable his plan. The ship detonated on Daken's order.

It had shown that Deathbird had aligned herself with Daken as they were romantically involved. This upset Ice Master and he was heading to attack Deathbird when Erik the Red jumped in the way to block the path. Daken opened up a portal in order to escape with Deathbird but he revealed that he had back-stabbed her to and unsheathed his claws straight into her chest killing her.[1]


Seemingly those of the Cal'syee Neramani of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Cal'syee Neramani of Earth-616.

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