Quote1 Shut up! What right have you to think? Quote2
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Cal Brunder was a crooked rancher seeking to force all the smaller ranch owners in Cactusville, California, to sell their property. In 1849,[1] with his gang of loyal thugs, and an aging sheriff unable to deal with them, Brunder made a powerful enemy in Jim Gardley a rancher who he framed for trumped up rustling charges.

Jim broke out of jail and practiced his shooting and other skills in the desert eventually becoming the western hero the Masked Raider. Meanwhile, Brunder set an example to the other ranches by burning down the Bleck Ranch and shooting it's owner. This made all the other local ranchers fear him and to consider giving up their land to him. However, the Masked Raider returned to the town and rustled up Brunder's men, making short work of them with the help of the townspeople. The criminal entrepreneur attempted to flee, but was roped by the Raider who then turned him over to the sheriff.[2]


Cal was a sufficient horseback rider and ranch owner.


Cal rode a horse.


Cal had access to conventional firearms commonplace in the 19th century, including pistols.

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