Cal Trimble was Steve Rogers's landlord when the Star-Spangled Avenger was rooming at a hotel past its glory days near Gramercy Park.[1] While he never learned Rogers' secret identity as Captain America, Trimble became suspicious of Rogers before too long. especially after a pair of local cops, one he recognized as Sgt. Muldoon, broke into his room and searched it.[2] A frequent but unsuccessful player in a local card game, Trimble tried to blackmail Rogers by insinuating that he had dirt on him. but Rogers didn't fall for it, and it wasn't long before Rogers left the hotel and Trimble in his past.[3]

  • Steve Rogers moving into and moving out of Trimble's hotel was never depicted; while not specifically stated, he presumably moved into Trimble's hotel as part of an extended undercover assignment within the New York Police Department on behalf of the police commissioner.

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