Calavera is a crime boss who made a deal with Sheriff Cole, the sheriff of a town in New Mexico for stolen guns in exchange for heroin.

Matt Murdock discovered this while passing through and decided to step in. After dumping the truck of stolen guns into a lake, Calavera and his men cornered him and used his ability to see inside a person's soul on Matt, forcing the memories of all of the things he feels guilty of to come to the surface. Taking advantage of his moment of weakness, Calavera shot him in the head and watched him fall into the lake. However, Matt had turned his head at the last second and was only grazed by the bullet.

Thinking that Matt was dead, Calavera and his men took Sheriff Cole to a warehouse, where he used his abilities to force Cole into agreeing to get more guns for him. Matt followed them there and took out all of Calavera's men. With only himself left, Calavera tried to use his ability to convince Matt that he was a killer, but Matt overcame his fears and defeated him. The next morning, the DEA and a SWAT team came to arrest Calavera and his men.[1]


When looking into someone's eyes, Calavera can see inside a person's soul. As demonstrated when he used this power on Matt Murdock, the person he is looking at doesn't necessarily have to be able to see.


Proficient at throwing knives.


Calavera rides around in a white limo.


A gun and knife.

  • "Calavera" is Spanish for "skull."

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