Caldwell Rozza was a scientist, whose job was to develop weapons for "El Presidente", a Communist dictator. He developed a serum that should have turned the dictator into a super-human. However, because the Presidente didn't trusted Rozza, he made him drink the serum himself, turning him into the Crusher. He was sent on a mission to defeat Iron Man to prove his loyalty.[2]

He was defeated by Iron Man and ended up in Subterranea, where he found himself in a lab that supposedly once belonged to Tyrannus. There he created another serum that turned him into the Crusher again. He returned to the surface to attack Iron man again and was defeated once more.[3]

It was later revealed that Rozza failed to rise to the surface and then drowned. During his autopsy, Dr. Jakkelburr stumbled upon the secret of duplicating the process that first created the Crusher, and the doctor later handed it to the boxer Juan Aponte, turning him in the second Crusher.[4]


  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Durability: Rozza is durable enough to withstand bullets without any injury.[2]

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