Ghost Rider (Travis Parham)

Two years after the end of the American Civil War a former slave named Caleb took in a wounded confederate soldier named Travis Parham and nursed him back to health. While working off his debt, Parham discovered a cave that held a collection of glowing skulls. Upon touching the skulls, Parham saw a vision of a hellish nether-realm populated by a creature with a burning skull for a head. Caleb told Parham that the creature he saw came from his ancestor's country and could be called upon when something needed to be made right; an instrument of vengeance.[citation needed]

After Parham's departure, Caleb and his family were murdered by a band of marauders led by George Reagan. Parham returned years later and swore to kill Reagan and his band, unaware that a mysterious cloaked rider was already on their trail. This Ghost Rider killed each of Reagan's men and finally Reagan himself, but the killers returned after having made a deal with a demon. In a final showdown between Reagan's band and the Ghost Rider, Parham discovered that the Rider was actually his former friend Caleb, powered by the Spirit of Vengeance that Travis had envisioned years before. Caleb gave Parham another vision of Ghost Riders throughout history, including ones from future eras, before departing to whereabouts unknown.[citation needed]


It could be assumed Caleb possessed all the powers and abilities as every other individual who called themselves Ghost Rider. There are capabilities Caleb portrayed that weren't seen by other known Spirits of Vengeance.

  • Possession: Caleb's Ghost Rider has demonstrated to possess deceased victims and use them to interact with the living. He controls the corpses through his mind and communicates with others with his own voice.
  • Dimensional Travel: He has the ability to traverse through dimensions. Through the use of his hellfire, he can enter an infernal realm without complications and transport himself and, other people to said realm.


Caleb was a skilled horseback rider.


Caleb rode on a stallion engulfed in flames.


Caleb's costume was fitted with a chain, and it can be assumed he could have employed it as a weapon.

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