Caliber City was located in the state of Texas during the days of the American Frontier. Original records state that both the Texas Kid[1] and the Outlaw Kid[2] were active in the town. However, based on available research it would appear that the tales of the Texas Kid are apparently fictional in nature, perhaps even inspired by the adventures of the Outlaw Kid. However, no explanation has yet been provided.

Texas Kid

It was the town where the Texas Kid lived in his alter ego of Lance Temple. Temple lived on a ranch just out side of town with his blind father Zane. Lance became the Texas Kid when his mother was murdered and his father blinded by outlaw Link Cado[1]. After Lance avenged his parents he continued to operate as the Texas Kid, protecting those in need, while keeping his double identity secret. He was frequently was assisted by his friends Emilia Diaz and Red Hawk[1].

The Texas Kid and his friends defended Caliber City from such menaces as the Phantom of Massacre Gulch[3], Masabi Pete[4], Buck Mulligan[5], Deuce Kinsey, the Phantom Rider, Texas Kid impostor Brag Beaver[6] and Crossdraw Fenway[7]. Some time later, the town's gold mines were briefly usurped by Snake Gaul and his gang until they were liberated by the Texas Kid[8]. When the town was running an election for a new marshal to defend the region, crooked politician Henry Brandy attempted to use fear, intimidation and violence to win the election until he was stopped dead by the Texas Kid[9].

Outlaw Kid

Actual historical records state that the Outlaw Kid lived in Caliber City, also named Lance Temple original accounts provide origins that are similar to the Texas Kid[2]. However, more recent revelations show that Lance was the son of Hoot Temple who was blinded by the Red Jacket Gang, prompting Lance to become the Outlaw Kid[10]. Early adventures of the Outlaw Kid saw the town of Caliber City defended from the likes of Native American renegade Crazy Wolf, crooked lawyer Harvey Sloan[2], renegade Apaches, and the Barton Gang[11].

Later the local sheriff was kidnapped by Jeff Clooney and his gang and later rescued by the Outlaw Kid. The Kid also helped defend the town from outlaws such as Pete and Verne Benson[12], logger Bull Lafarge, the cattle rustler known as Garko[13], an Outlaw Kid impersonator, Fargo and his mob of bigoted locals, Mason[14], the Stacey gang, Bates, the Marauders[15], bank robber Chad Stark, Lippy Maddox, the Barlow Gang[16], Duke King, the wealthy Mr. Henshaw, and fraudster Walt Masden[17].

It is unknown if Caliber City still exists today.

Points of Interest

  • The Temple Ranch
  • Hidden Valley - Where Lance Temple keeps his horse Thunder when not operating as the Texas Kid. His Texas Kid disguise is also hidden here.


Texas Kid, Zane Temple, Thunder, Outlaw Kid, Hoot Temple, Belle Taylor, Emilio Diaz, Red Hawk.

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