The Calico Kid was an outlaw who lived during the days of the American Frontier. He was active in the New Mexico area. He somehow learned that an elderly prospector named Barney had discovered the location of a long-lost Spanish exploration ship. The ship contained a fortune in gold Doubloons. Years ago, the ship was land-locked when the river dried out, and the explorers were slaughtered by Native Americans in the area. The ship was eventually buried in the blowing desert sands, which eventually dominated the area. Following Barney back to town, the Calico Kid and his gang shot Barney dead, right before the eyes of US Marshall Tex Morgan and his sidekick Lobo. The gang then fled the scene. Knowing the location of the ship, the Kid and his posse attempted to claim the gold. But they were followed by Tex Morgan and Lobo.

An arriving sandstorm allowed Calico and his men to get the drop on Morgan and Lobo and they forced the pair into the galley of the ship, intending to leave the pair to be buried alive in the sandstorm while they escaped with the gold treasure. However, Tex managed to free himself and his sidekick with a Spanish cutlass and confronted Calico Kid and his men. Tex Morgan slew the gang including Calico, using the very cutlass that helped free him earlier. Morgan and Lobo left their bodies, the ship, and its fortune of gold to be buried by the sand storm.[1]


Calico Kid travelled by horseback.


Calico Kid carried six-shooters.

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