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Callie Betto was a student at the Xavier Institute.[1] When the students were placed on training squads, she became a member of Cyclops' Corsairs Squad.[2][3] During her time at the Institute, Callie formed a friendship with Mercury.[4]

After the events of the M-Day Callie was depowered.[4] She was killed shortly thereafter when William Stryker fired a missile at the bus that she and most of the Institute's other depowered students were forced to board to leave the institute.[5]

As a victim of anti-mutant violence whom the X-Men regretted being unable to save, Callie was considered a high-priority mutant for resurrection on Krakoa.[6]

She was seen partying on Krakoa on multiple accounts..[7][8]

Powers and Abilities


Chlorokinesis: She can control plant life and plant growth.[3]

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