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Lady Stilt-Man's origin still remains a mystery. She uses a version of the Stilt-Man's Suit. Deadpool defeated her by removing a manhole cover, causing one of her legs to fall in, and her other to step onto a high heel attached to the top of a truck. She doesn't appear to be connected to any of the other Stilt-Men. She is, however, clumsy and uncoordinated, and Spider-Man himself said that she was trying too hard.[3] Spidey webbed her to the wall after her second heist.[4]

Still attached to the legacy of the original Stilt-Man but discouraged by the mockery made of her alias, Callie decided to simply go by Stilt-Man. Around this time, she joined Misty Knight's Crew. She later defected to Purple Man's team Villains for Hire.[5][6]

When the Shadow Council assembled their own version of the Masters of Evil, Lady Stilt-Man was recruited into the group.[7] Later on, Stilt-Man appeared as a patron at the Croupier's criminal casino. She was swiftly taken out by Domino, and Daredevil.[8] While operating with the Masters of Evil in Bagalia, Stilt-Man battled the Secret Avengers, who were trying to free Taskmaster.[9]

After Daniel Gump, a precog who had sold his soul to these powers, became targeted by Deadpool. He hired a group of mercenaries, including Lady Stilt-Man, to protect him. Deadpool fought against Gump's protectors with Spider-Man (Otto Octavius). Deadpool blew up her legs, then captured her and the other criminals and killed Gump.[10]



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