Callisto was the captain of a freighter that worked the seas. When Nightcrawler sought passage to the land of Avalon aboard the submarine Excalibur with a group of refugees, it experienced mechanical trouble and required everyone to evacuate the vessel or face suffocation.

Callisto's ship happened to be in the area and allowed the refugees aboard. However, Callisto hardly did so in the name of good will. Loading them in supposedly scan-shielded basilisk tanks, Callisto instead dropped the refugees into the ocean, where the shock of the freezing water killed them instantly. Shortly thereafter her ship was caught in the Atrocity Zone, a dumping ground for all those killed in Apocalypse's conquest of North America. Nightcrawler killed her entire crew, leaving her as the only one alive. In a sword fight to the death, she told him that she is not unlike his mother, Mystique. Mystique arrives shortly thereafter and points a gun at Callisto's head ordering her to leave her son alone.[1]

While Callisto's ultimate fate is unrevealed, it's very likely that Mystique shot her dead.

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