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Calum McGill is believed to have been one of the Warpies, a collection of children who were mutated by exposure to the energies of the Core Continuum, via the "Jaspers Warp" of the mutant Mad Jim Jaspers.

Several Glaswegian gangsters and "known villains" were murdered by Silver Death on his father Shoulders McGill instructions, at the behest of the McCloud Brothers. The police inspector Dai Thomas brings Captain Britain and his lover Meggan in on the case, putting his anti-heroes sentiments away.

The McCloud Brothers arrange for Shoulders to kill Captain Britain and Meggan, who posed for a few days as mobsters moving into the Glasgow gang scene, and have been busting up the premises of every local outfit hoping to attract the killer's attention. Eventually, McGill confronted Dai Thomas in the warehouse where the heroes were waiting in. He released Silver Death from the briefcase he carried him in, and Dai was only saved by the swift intervention of Captain Britain. After a brief running battle, Meggan and the Captain end the threat of the bizarre warpie when the latter hero finally gets a clear shot and strikes Silver Death hard enough to shatter him, killing him.

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Able to fly at incredible speed, fast enough to slice and shred bullets out of the air. Body has hundreds of sharpe tendrills ending in serrated points sharp enough to slice through cattle carasses without slowing his flight, or penetrate Captain Britain's forcefield.

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