While attending Columbia, Elektra earned the enmity of the privileged Calvin Langstrom after she humiliated him while defending a woman he was bothering. Things between Elektra and Langstrom continued to escalate with him raping her friend Melissa Beckerman and hiring criminals to burn down her father's home and business. When Langstrom attempted to attack Melissa once again, Elektra lured him into an attempt against her life so she could instead kill him as he continued to face no punishment from his crimes thanks to his wealthy and politically connected father. Elektra was stopped by Matt who revealed his powers and vigilantism to her, Elektra cut one of Langstrom's arteries and told Matt he could either let him bleed out and come with her or save his life. Matt chose to save Langstrom and the two parted with Elektra also dropping her classes.[1]

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