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Calvin Morse was raised in foster homes, most of which were terrible. Because of this he never felt he belonged anywhere.[1]

After finding an enchanted leather jacket, secretly Mister Misery in disguise,[2] he got into Strange Academy, where he became Alvi's roommate.[3]

Upon returning from a field trip to Asgard,[4] Calvin's classmate Toth found out about Mister Misery, so Misery proceeded to shatter Toth, stealing his heart shard so he couldn't be revived. However, when Calvin accidentally found the shard in his pocket, Misery had to possess him and finally reveal himself to everyone.[5]

Possessed by Misery

To defeat Misery, who was fed by the suffering of others, Dessy decided to feed him all the suffering in existence using her powers. As it became too much for him to handle, Calvin managed to break free, and, in the end, Dessy devoured Misery, ending the threat once and for all.[2]

With Toth fully restored, Calvin felt like an outcast, but Toth approached him to give him a hug and assure him everything was good between them.[2] Still insecure about his place in the academy, however, Calvin asked Zoe Laveau how to get in touch with a black magic user named Gaslamp, who she'd contacted in the past, but she insisted he shouldn't look for him, as he had caused her nothing but pain.[6] Struggling to learn magic through books, Calvin decided to search for Gaslamp anyway, and met with him in a dark alley, where Gaslamp gave him a small taste of his magic, telling him if he wanted more he'd have to pay for it.[7]



Formerly Enchanted leather jacket.[2]


  • Calvin's eyes alternate between brown and blue, sometime in the same issue.[1]

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