X-Men Evolution Vol 1 6 page 15 Calvin Rankin (Earth-11052)

Mimic befriended Spyke, and developed for a few instants his osteokinesis' powers.

Investigating on Evan's, Charles Xavier met him and his mother, Nasya Ehrlich, and convince them to make Calvin join the Xavier Institute.

After a brief incident when Calvin mimicked an excess of powers in the room, in presence of many students, Xavier inspected him and discovered he wasn't a mutant.

Wanting to discuss about Cal's integration or not into the Institute, he preferred to angrily leave the place.


Seemingly those of Calvin Rankin (Earth-616)#Powers.

Power Mimicry

Calvin mimicked the superhuman powers and abilities of the X-Men, which consisted of;


  • Lack of Control: He copys powers involuntarily and has almost no control of the powers he absorbs.

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