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Mimic befriended Spyke, and mimicked his osteokinesis' powers while in danger.

Charles Xavier met with him and his mother, Nasya Ehrlich, and convinced them to have Calvin join the Xavier Institute.

After a brief incident when Calvin mimicked an excess of powers from all of those present in the room, Xavier inspected him and discovered he wasn't a mutant and had instead been experimented upon by his father.

Xavier wanted to discuss whether or not Cal should be allowed to attend the Institute or not as he wasn't a mutant, Calvin took offense and preferred to angrily leave instead while displaying bigoted opinions on mutants.[citation needed]



Seemingly those of Calvin Rankin (Earth-616)#Powers.

Power Mimicry

Calvin mimicked the superhuman powers and abilities of the X-Men, which consisted of;


  • Lack of Control: He copies powers involuntarily and can only control those powers when he has absorbed a limited amount

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