The past history and origins of the Mister Hyde of Earth-788 are the same as his Earth-616 counterpart. In this reality however, it would be Jane Foster who found Mjolnir and gain the powers of Thor. In his only recorded appearance in this reality he would team up with Cobra and use a atomic-powered hydraulic hoist to take away Thordis' hammer. The outcome of this battle is unknown, but it is obvious that Thordis won the bout.

Mr. Hyde's knowledge of Thordis' weapon and his teaming with Cobra would suggest that they had prior encounters with Thordis. This is entirely likely as on Earth-616 Mr. Hyde and the Cobra would clash with Thordia previously before teaming up and attempting a similar plot against Thordis. However, these events and how differently they occurred given that they would have clashed with Thordis remain unrecorded.

His subsequent activities remain unrevealed.

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